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Motivation for IJSO 2013: The idea of initiating an international level junior science olympiad sprang from the fact that even the gold medalists of certain International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) opted for engineering during their higher studies but not the higher studies in Physics at the University level. Because the founder (Professor Dr. Masno Ginting) felt the need for making students realize the importance of science for a nation and for the progress of mankind, he came up with this International Junior Science Olympiad in 2004, to encourage young students love the subject to a great extent and motivate them to take up higher studies in sciences rather than something else. Also, one of the other important ideas behind starting this annual event is to promote connections between students at a tender age so that these long lasting bonds among international students will be able to create some useful products on collaboration in future. With the motives in mind, the first International Junior Science Olympiad was organized in December 2004 with participants from 36 countries in Jakarta, Indonesia.

IJSO 2013

India to host International Junior Science Olympiad – IJSO 2013…

It is confirmed that the 10th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO 2013) will be hosted by the city of Mumbai, India in December 2013. IJSO is a prestigious competition held annually for ten days in the natural sciences for students aged at 15 years from across the globe. Over the past 9 Olympiads, Indian students have been consistently performing well.

What is the syllabus for IJSO 2013?

Download a copy of the Syllabus for IJSO 2013.

Do you need more information on IJSO 2013?

You can visit the Official Website for IJSO or contact the concerned people in your school.

Who is the head for the Olympiad in India?

Professor Dr. Vijay Singh is the national coordinator for the Olympiad in India. He is also a scientist at Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, Mumbai.

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