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Here is the comprehensive download link for the old IMO question papers (past 7 years International Mathematical Olympiad) organized in various participating countries. The download is available as a single file as well as individual files for each year. Below are the corresponding links for old IMO question papers.

Previous IMO Question Papers

Single File Link:

Download old International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) papers

46th IMO 2005:

Download 46th IMO 2005 Paper

47th IMO 2006:

Download 47th IMO 2006 Paper

48th IMO 2007:

Download 48th IMO 2007 Paper

49th IMO 2008:

Download 49th IMO 2008 Paper

50th IMO 2009:

Download 50th IMO 2009 Paper

51st IMO 2010:

Download 51st IMO 2010 Paper

52nd IMO 2011:

Download 52nd IMO 2011 Paper

53rd IMO 2012:

Download 53rd IMO 2012 Paper

A little bit about International Mathematical Olympiad:

The IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) is one of the most important ways to promote excellence in the study of mathematics in the world’s youth. It is the oldest and largest Scientific Olympiad  that exists. Participants are high school students. Currently more than 100 countries are part of this event. The 54th IMO is going to take place in Santa Marta, Colombia during July 18 to July 28, 2013.

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